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Meshtastic IBM Server

There’s no secret when it comes to hosting, I use 1&1 IONOSthey are quiet simply the best!  Their support structure is second to none and have always been there for me.

If you know what you are doing when it comes to building your own website, click the button on the page, and it’ll take you straight to their hosting packages.

Why would I give away trade secrets?

Well, I’m not really, I’m offering a service that you pay for, where I do all the uploading/installing, building and setup to get your site up and running.

I’ve been building websites for nearly 20 years and I know what I’m doing.

So how much is all this website malarky?

This is sometimes a difficult question to answer….. Why?

Well one person may only want a website to display their business details, whereby another person might require a complete catalogue of products adding to an online shop.

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The right price