Meshtastic Email Setup

Email Setup

Meshtastic Email Setup

Having your own email address is key to identifying your business.  Your customers will recognise your email address from your website domain.

Having a website and a separate yahoo, gmail or hotmail address as your main correspondence, may send out the wrong message.  I want your website to be as successful as it possibly can be.

Let me give you an example using my domain

If I email you from eg. you know that this has come from me, because of the domain name at the end of the email address.  However, if I email you from eg. or, you cannot be 100% sure this email has come from me, as anyone can set these email accounts up.

I will help you set up your own 2GB mailbox for your business, and this can be done on multiple devices as an IMAP account.  Don’t worry, I will guide you through any necessary steps.