Meshtastic Domain Registration

Domain Registration

Meshtastic Domain Registration

Domain registration is fairly straightforward and simple, I just need a few details and I can complete the registration process for you.

I charge £20 for this service and is renewable on a yearly basis, providing your domain name isn’t one of the highly sort and highly priced names like priced at at mere $49.7 million!…… £20 won’t cut it I’m afraid.

Joking aside, if you already have a domain registered one of 2 things can happen;  you can either point the domain to your new hosts nameservers (1&1 IONOS), or the domain can be transferred into my 123 reg account so I can manage it for you. (some registrars may charge for this).

Yes that’s right, another trade secret.  Well, again it’s really not a secret, I just opt not to put all my eggs into one basket.

The Right Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name is absolutely key to a successful online business.  The name you choose needs to be easy to remember and not too long.

Try to avoid hyphens if you can because when people remember domains, they often forget to type the hyphen and end up on the wrong website……. you don’t want that!

Something catchy or quirky is great, but try not to wander too far from your target market.

Good luck in choosing the right domain for your site.