COVID-19 The Coronavirus Disease

Does panic buying help me?

Whilst you may have some pasta (maybe a lot actually), toilet paper, hand soap and some sauces filling your cupboards now;

Has it actually helped you at all? – Short answer is “No!”

Stupid is as stupid does!

What it has done is bred a stupid behaviour that other people are now repeating and the knock on effect from this, is empty shelves. The empty shelves are not really the problem, as most of the stores will be replenishing this stock in the next delivery.

Vulnerable People

The problem is for vulnerable people who cannot get out as easily as you can, families with newborns are now needing milk and nappies.  Good news there families, stores are actually taking orders for desperate/genuine needs – Source – Aldi at Junction 1 Rugby.

If you are or know someone who is vulnerable, then please follow the government advice when it comes to close contact and offer to go to the shop for them getting their essentials.  I know it’s been said before, but wash your hands before you go and when you get back, drop the shopping at the door and step away.  Make sure you tell that person (as they may not realise) to wash their hands after they have put the shopping away.

Will I Get Infected?

Are you going to get infected?….. Maybe!…..

  • Did you wipe/disinfect the trolley handle bar when you went shopping?
  • All of the products that were restocked this morning and you bought, did you disinfect those before you touched them?
  • Did you wash your hands after you put the shopping away?

This virus is out there and transferable by touch, we need to do whatever we can to minimise the spread of this nasty bug; and that means avoiding the shops and only going to get what you need.

Toilet Paper Shortage!

This has confused many people!  Panic buying toilet paper in this country is a complete waste of time and energy.  The UK manufactures its own supply so we are not going to run out anytime soon.  Yes, other countries have had ‘issues with tissues’, quite simply because they get theirs imported.

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