7even Reasons To Have A Website

You Meshtastic Uncle Sam

1. You

You are the main reason for you having and running your very own website….. Well, when I say “you” I mean the very reason, you wanted a website in the first place.

There are many reasons why you would want a website building, but this list, just highlights my top 7.  And the number 1 spot goes to you, and without a ‘you’, there cannot be a ‘me’.

2. To Make Money

Pretty much the number 1, top of the list reason to answer the question of; What do I need a website for?

And boy can you make a lot of money online, with the right content or niche product, you can start selling your items, on your eCommerce store in less than no time.  Not only can you sell items and post them directly to your customers, but you can actually sell items all over the world……Whilst you sleep!

“The internet is a crazy, amazing place”

Meshtastic Portfolio

3. Show My Work Off

If you’re a model, artist, entertainer or photographer, what better way is there to show off your work?  A website can help present your portfolio to potential clients and employers, far quicker than you can do this door to door (old school).

Better than that, should you add to your portfolio, you can let everyone know just by updating your website.

4. To Save Money

What! I can save money?  Er, actually yes! You can also save money by having a website, let me tell how that works.

For example, lets say you’re a carpenter that specialises in bespoke wooden kitchen furniture and you’ve been buying your wood from a supplier at your nearest industrial park since you set up business.  You decide to get a website built advertising your services to potential customers in your area, you also set up a social media profile linked to your site.

Because of your website, you are now visible to all of the suppliers of wood in your area offering better deals, that perhaps you weren’t aware of before.  Not only that, you are now reachable via your website contact form, thus saving you money on your supply of wood.

It doesn’t just stop at the supply of materials, it could be you need an accountant or some office supplies.  All of these other services are now able to come to you, offering a potential saving on your existing set up.

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5. Competition

Healthy competition is where the fight comes in for your website and this helps you build a better service for your clients.  Without other competitors in which ever market you are in, you cannot possibly be the best just because you’re the only one.

So my advice when it comes to niche markets is this;

Act like there are more people offering the same service than just you alone, this way you’ll be providing the best service.  So should anyone else join this lucrative niche area that you’re in, you’ve already nailed it!

6. It’s The Fashion

It’s a fairly normal assumption that almost all business set up plans, now include building a website at some point.  I believe that the website building should be somewhere at the top of the list, at least registering the domain name and social profiles so none else can.

Not having a website can actually lose you customers.  It’s a bold statement (pun intended), but it’s true, it can lose you business.  There are almost 43 million people aged between 15 and 70 years old (men and women) in the UK today.  Most of these people (not all) will be a consumer in some capacity.  More than 51% of UK consumers would much rather shop online, that’s potentially over 20 million people.  Can you afford to miss out on 20 million customers?

Meshtastic Maintence

7. Very Little Maintenance

Once you have your website up and running, it’s day to day management is very simple to maintain and update.  With very little effort, your business can maintain a professional and personal touch to existing and new customers.

If you are an eCommerce site, you can even make sales whilst you’re tucked up in bed….zzz